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It is rare that we come across a patient who wouldn't want whiter teeth.  With all the products and gadgets that exist, patient's are often unsure what is the best way to get that whiter smile.  


The truth of the matter is the staining can be either internal or external, and it is best to have a dentist assess what type of stain exists so you don't waste your money on products that aren't right for you.

External Staining

External staining is the discolouration of our teeth from elements exposed directly to tooth surfaces.  Coffee, red wine, tea, and smoking are common culprits.  Routine cleanings with a polish helps to remove some of the stain but bleaching with products like Opalescence will help make the shade whiter in most circumstances.  Custom trays for your teeth can be made in our office and will be happy to provide the bleaching material as well.  We recommend bleaching every other night while you sleep until you reach your desired shade.  Feel free to enquire whether external bleaching is a good choice for you.

Internal Staining

Internal staining is the discolouration of teeth from the inside out.  This generally occurs when a tooth has either lost it's vitality or had a root canal many years ago.  In the case where the tooth dies, the blood supply that runs through normal teeth sits in the tooth and stains the internal walks of the tooth.  Older root canals can also have the same effect but it is typically only noticeable on the teeth in the front.  In order to rectify the situation a root canal is either performed (in the case of a dead tooth) and the crown of the tooth is filled with the bleaching material and then sealed over.  The bleaching agent is allowed to sit inside the tooth until the desired shade.  This type of bleaching is done in the dental office but results can be great, especially if it is just one tooth that doesn't match the others.

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