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Sport Mouthguard fabrication

Sport Mouthguards

We all know that accidents happen on the playing field so wearing a properly fit mouthguard is a way to help prevent more serious injury.  Distributing the force away from the point of contact is the way a properly fit mouthguard can help reduce the risk for tooth fracture or loss.  Research has also shown that properly fitted mouth guards can reduce the impact to the head and reduce the severity of concussions when the jaw is the primary place of impact.

Dr. Terry is a Team Dentist certified by the Academy for Sports Dentistry who specializes in sport related dentistry.  He is happy to discuss any aspects of mouth guards to help find the type that protects you from harm without impacting your performance on the field.

In the event of unprotected impacts to the facial region, several different outcomes are possible with potentially serious implications to your teeth. Part of being a Certified Team Dentist is special training in pro-facial trauma and Dr. Terry is always a phone call away.  He can provide over the phone help and emergency treatment is most circumstances.  In the event of a completely lost looth, it is best to hold the tooth by the shiny white crown part, wash it off under water approximately 10 seconds and attempt to reimplant the tooth in the empty site.  If this not possible, place it in a bag with milk and call Dr. Terry ASAP. 

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