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Emergency dentist appointment


Dental emergencies are rare, but we are always happy to help patients who find themselves in a tough situation.  In an emergency appointment we will focus on the problem at hand, which usually requires at least one X-ray and a specialized exam to help diagnose the problem and develop an action plan to address your situation.  Our receptionists will do their best to get you in as quickly as possible; most often on the same day you call.

Some common dental emergencies include broken teeth, infection/abscess, lost fillings, swelling and pain.  Please let the dentist know of any medications you may be taking, especially pain killers and antibiotics, as well as any allergies you have. 

If you ever happen to completely lose a tooth, rinse it quickly with water, place the tooth in milk, and contact our office immediately. For more detailed instructions on the best thing to do when a tooth is lost, look under 'Avulsion'.

In situations when we can not be reached and signifcant swelling or trauma is observed we recommend seeking emergency treatment at a hospital. 

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