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Root canal for tooth pain

Root Canal

Several conditions indicate the need for a root canal. Root canals are performed in the hope to save an otherwise good tooth.  When a root canal is needed, the nerve and blood supply to the inside of the tooth has become irritated and therefore the tooth is essentially beginning to die. This can sometimes be a painful process, but not always, and it is important to monitor any teeth that suffer from trauma, large cavities, and excess forces, because these can all cause damage to the tooth and surrounding structures

The process of a root canal starts by cleaning out the inside of the tooth with the use of a file and a sterilizing liquid to prevent contamination and infection.  To keep the tooth stable and sealed, a rubber filling called "gutta percha" is used. This has been the material of choice for roughly 50 years to complete root canals. 

Click this link for a great explanation of how a root canal is performed and the appropriate restorative option after it is completed.

Different teeth pose different challenges due to their location in your mouth and the number of canals/roots present.   Although most root canals can be completed in our office, some teeth are better treated by a specialist and we offer quick referrals to endodontic specialists in the area.  We will be happy to discuss and analyze your case with you to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment possible.

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