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Pediatric dentistry at St. Vital office

Pediatric Dentistry

Our first teeth start developing several months before we are born, while our last teeth don't finish growing until we are roughly 20 years old.  Bottom line is that childood is the most critical time for oral halth.  We support a 'free-first-visit' visit under the age of 3 where we help your child get acclimatized with the dental experience.

At our office we will help your child through their early years by being their dental home and promoting positive dental experiences. Fluoride applications is at parents discretion, though we recommend them especially for those who seem a little more cavity prone.  Good oral health is accomplished through regular check-ups, x-rays and cleanings. Our hygiene staff love having fun to keep things light when working with kids.  We offer sealants to help prevent cavities in adult molars.  With frequent check-ups we can diagnose and treat cavities when they are small and easier to treat.    

For parents and patients concerned about the need for braces, screening for tooth position and jaw relationships are an important part of all exams.  We offer retainers for simple tooth movements to straighten mildly malpositioned teeth that if left untreated could develop into long term problems.  For more advanced cases requiring the need for a specialist, we are happy to work directly with the orthodontist to ensure we achieve the best patient outcomes possible.

We strive to make your child love seeing the dentist, because those feelings and emotions can last a lifetime.

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