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Nightguard fabrication to prevent jaw pain


Sometimes teeth can be their own worst enemy and people who grind their teeth know that well.  Clenching or grinding wear down the top surface of teeth, causing a number of problems including flattening, pitting and cracking. Another consequence can be headaches caused from overusing your muscles that close our jaws. If you find you wake up in the morning with pain in your cheeks and/or around your ears or temples, it is most likely that you are clenching and grinding your teeth at night.

Although solutions to clenching and grinding your teeth can be limited, it is important that we protect our teeth from the wear that grinding causes.  The most conventional method to reduce this is to wear a night guard at night and during the day if you notice yourself clenching or grinding uncontrollably.  A night guard is small plastic appliance that sits in-between the teeth so the teeth will grind against the softer plastic.  We will be happy to talk about whether we notice any signs of wear when you come in for your check-up.

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