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St. Vital dental hygiene appointment


A dental hygiene appointment is a commitment to the health of your teeth and oral tissues.  Removing the hard build-up that forms naturally on our teeth helps our gum tissues be that healthy pink we Regular check-ups and cleanings allow us to keep your mouth as clean and healthy as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly and knowledgeable hygienists will gladly instruct you on how to provide good home care for your pearly whites. 

What happens during a dental hygiene appointment when you get your teeth cleaned?  Scaling removes hard deposits called calculus that accumulate on teeth. No matter how good we brush and floss, calculus can and will form. Your hygienist will remove the deposits with the use of an instrument. After we will polish your teeth to help remove surface stains. We complete every hygiene appointment with a good floss to help clean tight spaces between the teeth. We will alert you to any trouble spots where you had more calculus deposits than expected and send you home with a new toothbrush. Most appointments also include an exam by Dr. Terry to make sure everything is looking healthy but it the time to catch any problems that may exist unknowlingly to you.

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