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Dental extraction toolkit


The descision to pull a tooth is often a difficult decision for patients.  A variety of situations arise that indicate the need for an extraction. Infection, pain, cracks, fractures, crowding, large cavities, trauma and impacted teeth are examples of cases when a tooth extraction should be considered.  The important part in any extraction however is the pre and post planning to ensure the optimal outcomes are achieved.

In pre-planning we will review the options for a tooth prior to extraction.  We will also spend time to cover any medical concerns we may have prior to removal of the tooth.  We also discuss replacement options for a tooth if we feel it is needed.  Several options exist for replacement including implants, bridge, fixing partial dentures or creating an entirely new one.  Other factors need to be examined as well. If we feel some teeth may be too risky due to complexity or medical concerns, we offer quick referrals to our oral and maxillofacial specialists. In all situations, our goal is to ensure our patients receive the most appropriate treatment possible in a manner that is comfortable and safe for them.

In post-planning, we will help ensure the proper follow-up and provide post-operative instructions to aid recovery and minimize pain.  We are always a phone call away in case of any post-operative discomfort and we are happy to provide follow-up care for our procedures when needed.  Extracting the tooth is only part of the process in patient care.

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