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Dental office reception area

St. Vital Dental Centre

St. Vital Dental Centre has been providing high-quality patient-centered dentistry since 1963. Our dental office is currently located at 167 St. Anne's Road in the Old St. Vital neighbourhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Prior to our move in 2021, the dental office had been located at the corner of St. Anne’s Road and St. Mary’s Road for nearly 60 years.


The St. Vital Dental Centre team is currently led by Dr. Terrence James - Dr. Terry. Dr. Terry and his dedicated team of dental hygienists, dental assistants, front-desk staff, and dental associate work together to provide care to patients 6 months old to 99+ years old. Some of our patients have been with our office since the day it opened in 1963.

Dr. Terry is the third generation of dentists to own St. Vital Dental Centre. The practice was established in 1963 by Dr. Terry’s late grandfather, Dr. Robert Ian Stephen - Dr. Ian. Previously the St. Vital Library, Dr. Ian converted half of the main floor into a dental office when it first opened. The main floor was completely converted into a dental office as the practice grew. In the early 1980's, St. Vital Dental Centre grew with the addition of Dr. Lori Stephen-James - Dr. Lori, the daughter of Dr. Ian. Dr. Lori practiced dentistry at St. Vital Dental Centre until her retirement in 2019, though she sometimes comes by the office to do dental exams when Dr. Terry and his associate Dr. Sarah are on vacation with their families.


Dental Implants

Dental implants often are the best long-term options for tooth replacement and we are very proud to offer complete treatment for dental implants under our roof. Since moving to our new location on St. Anne’s road, we have invested in new technology allowing us to perform planned implant treatment in our office.  The use of cone beam CT technology along with our new digital scanner, we are able to plan our implants at a microscopic level, providing more predictable outcomes for our patients and shorter treatment times.  See our information page under Services for more information to see if implants are a good solution for you.

St. Vital Dental Centre dental treatment hallway
St. Vital Dental Centre team including dentists, hygenists, assistants, and administrative staff

"We are very happy to say that many of our patients have been cared for by all 3 generations of dentists in my family, including some who date back to the day the clinic opened.  If you or your children are looking for a long-term solution to your oral health care needs, we hope that you consider St. Vital Dental Centre as your dental home."


- Dr. Terry

Mission & Vision


Positively impact patient’s lives by helping them maintain their dental health.

The Way We Work (our Values)

Treat our patients like family

High quality customer service delivered with compassion.

High quality work

We strive to provide the best-quality dental care possible and exceed patient expectations.

Person centered care

We meet patients where they are at, without judgement, and present treatment options so they can decide what’s best for them.


We do the right thing even when no one is looking.

Passion and teamwork

We love what we do. We work together to provide our patients more than the sum of our parts.

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