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Is it safe to get my teeth cleaned during COVID-19?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Dental care is just as important as always! We understand your concerns and we have a plan in place to provide for covid safe dental care for you, and a safe work environment for our staff!

Are You and Your Family Well?

It is safe to see the dentist during COVID-19 provided you are feeling well and have not had exposure to COVID-19. Delaying an appointment because you do not feel well, have been exposed, or are living with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 is all we ask.

Our Commitment

We commit to continue to follow the instructions of our public health officials within the province of Manitoba as well as the Manitoba Dental Association (MDA) and Manitoba Dental Hygienists Association (MDHA).

We have a two-pronged approach to practicing in a pandemic to keep you safe.

Our Lines of Defense - A Three-Pronged Approach

Our first line of defense is you! We use the most up to date public health screening questions prior to your appointment and ask that if you have any symptoms or have been exposed that you reschedule your appointment.

Our second line of defense is providing extra personal protective equipment/garments for our staff. We require all staff to wear surgical masks at all times. Our hygienists are providing patients with a pre-procedural antiviral rinse, wearing a face shield and a Level III mask.

Our third line of defense is our newly renovated office. Our office has excellent ventilation. The building has two medical-grade HVACs that exchange air in the dental office every 6-9 minutes. In addition, your treatments are provided in individual rooms. These building features, combined with the fact that we have always adhered to the highest of hygienic standards (including sterilizing equipment and sanitizing rooms between patients), allows us to be confident in the safety of our patients while getting their teeth cleaned during this time.

Should I Just Wait Until After Covid?

Timely dental treatment is part of your best health care plan! Delaying dental treatment further puts a patient at risk of increasing the cost for future treatment, or developing pain and infection which could potentially result in tooth loss or worst-case scenario, put a patient in the hospital.

According to the Canadian Association of Dental Hygienists (CDHA) there are NO known reports of COVID-19 transmission from dental hygienist to patient, or patient to dental hygienist in Canada (1). We ask that you trust our ability to provide you with the safest possible environment, as we always have, as part of the dental profession.

(1) Canadian Dental Hygienists Association. Updates and Information: Recommendations for Dental Hygienists During COVID-19 Outbreak. December 3, 2020.

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