• Dr. Terry James, Dentist.

What precautions are dentists taking to protect me from COVID-19 while at the office?

Updated: Aug 18

All patients are screened at time of booking, and are required to sign a Shared Health COVID-19 consent form before every appointment. The chairs in the waiting area have been reduced to allow for social distancing, and toys from the play area have been removed. Staff are outfitted with appropriate PPE, including isolation gowns, face shields, level 3 surgical masks. A pre-procedural rinse is done at the beginning of appointment using a food grade hydrogen peroxide mouthwash to eliminate the presence of microbes in the oral cavity. Aerosol-generating procedures are only performed if necessary for treatment, with the use of a high-volume evacuation suction to eliminate 98% of aerosols generated. Rooms and all equipment are fully sanitized between appointments, and sterilization equipment is tested on a daily basis. We continue to strictly follow all guidelines provided by our regulatory bodies and adapt to changes as we continue to learn more about COVID-19.



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